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Whole House Generators

Standby Home Generators To Power Your Lifestyle


From everyday passive necessities like heating, cooling, and lights . . . to daily essential tasks like cooking, doing laundry or showering. Power outages are occurring more frequently and lasting longer with devastating effects. Extended power outages can cost you hours of discomfort in particularly hot or cold months, spoil an entire refrigerator’s worth of food, or even power down important life-saving devices within your home. Sometimes power is something you simply cannot do without.

Houston Hurricane Preparedness with a Generator

Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages and never be without your lights, appliances or computers again. A whole-house backup generator installed by Village Plumbing & Home Services is quiet, turns on automatically and is powerful enough to power your entire home.

Houston Backup Generator Installation

Not every home is the same, nor do they all have the same needs. That’s why a Village Plumbing & Home Services generator consultant will do a thorough assessment and recommend the right generator for your specific power needs. Our skilled installation team will professionally install your new backup generator to our exacting standards. This guarantees you years of dependable backup power. If the power goes out, your generator goes on . . . automatically . . . protecting you, your and your home 24/7.

Don’t Let A Power Outage Make Your Life Miserable . . . Call Village Plumbing & Home Services today at 281-677-9337.