Plumbing Service Partner Plan

Village Plumbing and Home Services Partner Program, Plumbing and HVACAn unexpected plumbing repair can put a strain on the family budget. Sign up for our Plumbing Service Partner Plan and you’ll receive special pricing on all plumbing service work, repairs and parts. You get extended service warranties and priority service. The Plumbing Service Partner Plan includes the following:

  • Test Faucet Performance
  • Check Exposed Water Lines
  • Check Sink Pipes
  • Check Drains
  • Check Washing Machine Hoses
  • Check Hose Bibs for Leaks
  • Check Emergency Shutoffs and Tags
  • Check Water Heater for Gas leaks
  • Inspect Water Heater for Leaks
  • Check Drain Valve
  • Check Emergency Relief Valve
  • Check Pilot Safety Device

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