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Hard To Find Plumbing Parts . . . Made Easy

At Village Plumbing & Air our plumbing parts department researches hard to find plumbing parts for all major brands and even toilets, faucets and fixtures that are no longer made.

Many homeowners call on our plumbing parts department for a variety of reasons. Some own older homes filled with all the charm and character of a by gone era. Replacing a toilet or faucet is not an option. They want to restore the fixture and maintain the original look and beauty.

Other homeowners have the skills to make some plumbing repairs and find satisfaction in doing the work. At Village Plumbing & Air we have the correct parts they need and all the advice, tips and help they want. If we don’t have the needed part we can order them and in some cases get them overnight.

Have a plumbing problem you want to take care of yourself? Come on in, explain the problem and we’ll have a solution. Even other professional plumber here in the Houston area come to our parts department for parts and advice.

Not sure you can do the repairs your self? We can help. Our professional plumbers are highly skilled and know all aspects of plumbing. They’ll arrive at your home on time, with all the parts needed, quickly make the repair and completely clean the area before they leave.

Hard to find plumbing parts are here and ready to go anytime you need them.