Gas Line Services

For over 70 years, Village Plumbing & Air has been servicing homes in the Houston area.

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Gas Line Services

When you need a gas line hookup or a gas pipe or connection repaired, Village Plumbing is the emergency plumbing contractor in Houston to trust to get the job done. We ensure your gas service is restored and eliminate any safety issues.

Gas Line Installation and Repair by Qualified Technicians

You need gas for cooking, heating, hot water, refrigeration, drying laundry, and more. Natural gas is typically lower in cost than electricity, so it’s preferred by most homeowners. But it is flammable and can be toxic. That’s why you need an experienced professional to install and repair gas lines, connections, and appliances.


Installing a gas line is a complex project. Our Houston area plumbers are licensed and trained to install one properly, provide any necessary modifications to your home connection, and manage any excavation work necessary. If necessary, a new gas meter can be installed as well. Familiar with every safety measure, our technicians ensure the project is completed without incident and that there are no worries about using natural gas in your home.


Village Plumbing is also trusted for gas line repair. A gas leak can cause major damage to your home, especially if it triggers a fire or explosion. We can diagnose and fix any problem and are available 24/7 so you have an emergency plumbing contractor to call any time.


When to Call for Help

Signs you may have a gas line problem include:

  • Symptoms such as trouble breathing, fatigue, nausea, headache, dizziness, and eye and throat irritation.
  • A gas line connection is visibly damaged.
  • A hissing or whistling noise from a gas pipe, connection, or appliance.
  • Soil has been disturbed near a gas line.
  • A white cloud or blowing dust in an enclosed area near a gas line.
  • Bubbles are forming in standing water near a gas source.
  • Plants inside or outside your home are dead, wilting, or discolored.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a risk as well, especially if natural gas does not burn completely. The symptoms are similar to those mentioned above but may also include drowsiness, chest or stomach pain, vision trouble, pink or red skin, and loss of muscle control.

Natural Gas Line Maintenace

Corrosion can impact the integrity of a gas line if it’s made of metal. If a leak occurs, it can be extremely dangerous (evacuate your home or call for help if you smell gas). Our technicians are skilled at all types of gas line maintenance. We can perform inspections to check on the condition of your gas plumbing and make any repairs that are necessary, before a leak, rupture, or other emergency occurs. 

Buried gas lines aren’t easy to troubleshoot. However, we have the equipment and expertise to inspect and repair them quickly to prevent serious problems. In fact, our maintenance plan members receive an annual whole house plumbing inspection in which we can check for any gas line or furnace issues.

Why Call Village Plumbing

Woman-owned and family-run, our company puts the customer first and is built on integrity and honesty. We are an award-winning Houston plumbing company you can trust for gas line, drain cleaning, sewer line, and hot water heater services. Flexible financing options are available to fit your budget. For professional gas line installation, repair, or maintenance, call 713-678-0483 today.