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Your garbage disposal can be a highly convenient tool. However, it can develop a range of problems that require immediate repairs. Fortunately you can trust our experienced plumbers in Houston for help.

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Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement

Many homeowners add garbage disposals to their kitchen to make discarding of food waste more convenient. The system grinds up food scraps so it’s less likely they’ll clog up your pipes. If you feel you’ll benefit from a garbage disposal, you need a plumber to install one, as it’s connected directly to your kitchen sink drain line.

Garbage disposal installation requires special tools and equipment. Your plumbing may have to be adapted at the site of installation, which is typically underneath the sink. When you call Village Plumbing, you’ll have a skilled Houston, TX, plumber handle the entire process and ensure the system is working. Our technicians will also determine whether repairs are worth it and may suggest replacement if fixing the unit is expensive or the disposal is likely near the end of its life.

Garbage Disposal Repair

It is common for garbage disposals to become clogged. Pasta, rice, bread, and other expandable foods and coffee grounds, grease, fats, oils, bones, nuts, eggshells, potato peels, fruit pits, and fibrous foods can clog up the system. You can avoid emergency repairs by not throwing these into the unit. 

Other reasons to call for repair include disposals that make strange noises, leak, or don’t turn on. If wastewater backs up into the sink, call a technician to diagnose the problem and fix it. These are just some of the issues that can happen. Reach out to us if you notice anything unusual about how your garbage disposal is running, and we’ll send our nearest plumber to you right away.

Why Invest in a Garbage Disposal

Preparing food almost always involves making some waste. Not disposing of food properly can create many problems, so you can benefit from a garbage disposal because it can:


  • Avoid repairs for unclogging your kitchen sink and addressing pipe issues that can result from clogged drains.
  • Eliminate the smell of rotting food, which can occur if you leave food waste in a trash bin; food waste is ground up and flushed via your plumbing.
  • Avoid exposure to bacteria, mold spores, and other harmful substances. It also eliminates the need to burn garbage, which can be unsafe and risk disease.
  • Reduce the need for plastic bags and other plastics that cause environmental concerns in landfills.
  • Save time as there’s no need to take out the trash; just run the unit for a few seconds and drop the food waste in.

Why Village Plumbing

A woman-owned business, we have become a leading plumbing company in Houston and are known for prompt, professional service, cleanliness, and fast, high-quality solutions. Our technicians are trained in every aspect of garbage disposal installation, replacement, and repair. They’re the backbone of our award-winning service while we also offer a 100% guarantee on all services. We offer unbeatable warranties, coupons and specials, and maintenance as well. Financing is also available to accommodate your budget.

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