Clogged Toilet Repairs

Are you having trouble clearing your clogged toilet? Has it clogged up multiple times? Contact Village Plumbing for the most reliable residential plumbing repair in Houston, TX.

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Sewage Backups can be a Health Hazard

Call immediately if you think you might have a mainline stoppage. Catching it sooner rather than later can stop potential damage to your yard and home.

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We Fix Clogged Toilets—Fast

Houston area homeowners can depend on Village Plumbing for many things. Your toilet is one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures. If something goes wrong with it, this is a major inconvenience and potential health hazard. Our plumbing technicians have the training and experience to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the problem at its source. They’re also equipped with all the parts and tools when they arrive, so your toilet can be repaired in one visit.

Why Is My Toilet Clogged?

A toilet is a complex assembly of plumbing and mechanical components. It’s also a heavily used fixture. Therefore, it is prone to developing a wide range of problems. We fix toilets whenever possible, including due to causes of clogs such as:


  • Non-Flushable Items: Only waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Paper towels, sanitary items, and even “flushable” wipes should be discarded in the trash instead. Teach children not to flush toys. And if a plunger or a soap and hot water solution won’t do the trick, call our Houston, TX, plumbing repair company for help.


  • Clogged Drain Line: Hair, paper, foreign objects, and even hard water buildup can cause the drain line to clog up over time. Water and waste cannot get past the blockage and may even back up into the toilet and remain there, until our plumbers fix the cause of the problem.


  • Clogged S-Trap: Toilets have an S-trap or P-trap that prevents sewer gasses from backing up. These traps also leave the fixture prone to clogs. Oftentimes, a plunger can correct a minor clog in the trap, but in some cases, professional service may be required.


  • Lack of Water in the Tank: Your toilet flushes waste using pressure, which requires a full tank of water. If the tank isn’t completely filled, the unit won’t be able to clear itself during flushing. A problem with the fill valve can prevent the tank from filling.


  • External Problems: A toilet may clog due to other plumbing factors such as collapsed pipes, a slow septic system, blockages elsewhere in your plumbing system, or issues with pipes outside your home. Only a detailed inspection can uncover these so they can be fixed.

When to Call

If your toilet won’t flush or won’t fully drain with flushing, call for help. If the cause is a faulty lift chain, flapper, or water valve, we can fix it. Other problems can occur as well, and may be precursors to a clog or coincide with one. A stuck or loose toilet handle is a problem that should be quickly addressed. Also contact us if your toilet is running (this may be a sign of a leak), cracked, or water is pooling up around it. We’ll provide repairs whenever possible and suggest replacing your toilet if it’s old or has signs of severe wear or damage.

Contact Village Plumbing and Air Today

A clogged toilet can create a great deal of trouble, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready for your call and we’ll dispatch a crew right away to address your clogged toilet problem. We can fix any issue, big or small, to get your toilet working again, or replace it if necessary. 

Village Plumbing is known for all types of residential plumbing repair in Houston. As a member of our Village Partner Plan, you’ll get reduced emergency fees and an annual whole house plumbing inspection. To learn more or request help in an emergency, call 713-678-0483.