Backflow Testing & Backflow Prevention

In Houston, water filtration is not enough. Village Plumbing provides backflow testing and backflow prevention solutions to help protect our clients against drinking water contamination. 


Health Hazzard Warning

Sewage Backups can be a Health Hazard

Call immediately if you think you might have a mainline stoppage. Catching it sooner rather than later can stop potential damage to your yard and home.

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Backflow Testing Services in Houston, TX

A backflow preventer is attached directly to the water pipes in your home. It enables water to flow in only one direction. Backflow can contaminate drinking water with waste, which you do not want in water used for drinking, cleaning, or bathing. Backflow testing enables us to determine whether your backflow preventer is working, there are issues with plumbing cross connections, or backflow problems outside your home—so we can take immediate action.


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Why Does Backflow Occur?

Most people think of sewage backups as being caused by clogs. While this is often the case, a drop in water pressure can cause water in other parts of the system to flow backward. Back pressure and back siphonage (higher pressure fluids move towards an area of lower pressure) are two common causes of backflow in plumbing pipes. Water pressure can suddenly fall due to a frozen pipe, higher demand, or burst water main, causing contamination from various sources to be drawn into the system.

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Backflow Prevention in Houston, TX

Backflow prevention can be achieved in a couple of ways. One is to provide an air gap between a faucet, valve, or other device connected to your plumbing system. Some plumbing codes specify a minimum air gap distance with, for example, drain connections. A backflow preventer valve is another option. When placed at strategic parts of your plumbing system, it can prevent contaminated fluids from entering your water supply pipes. It requires less space than an air gap, but has moving parts that may need periodic inspection or testing.

Why Trust Village Plumbing for your Backflow Prevention Needs

At Village Plumbing, our focus is on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality plumbing services in Houston, TX. All equipment we install is covered by a comprehensive parts and labor warranty. Our licensed technicians will assess the needs of your home before installing any equipment, and do what it takes to ensure your plumbing system is fully functional and protected. They’re trained in the latest technologies, tools, and equipment to ensure each project is a success. 

In addition, our award-winning company strives to help our customers save. We offer specials and coupons as well as a membership plan that includes routine maintenance, savings on all services, and an annual whole house plumbing inspection. Our teams follow precise checklists when performing maintenance. But if you have backflow issues, Village Plumbing can provide the testing and installation needed to fully resolve them. 

To learn more about our backflow testing and backflow prevention services, or to schedule service today, call 713-678-0483 to speak with a representative.