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When To Schedule Water Heater Replacement in Houston

Village Plumbing and Air is a leader in water heater services in the Houston area. We know how to repair just about any issue. But eventually, a hot water heater will reach the end of its service life. Knowing when to replace it can save you money in the long run. Here are some reasons to consider water heater replacement in Houston:

The Age of the Appliance

Average estimates of water heater longevity range from seven to 10 years to eight to 12 years. A well-maintained, tankless water heater can last as long as 20 years. Over time, sediment and rust tend to build up. The metal shell of the unit can weaken after many cycles of expansion and contraction. This normally occurs with heating and cooling. You’re better off replacing your water heater before it fails.

Rust Appears on the Outside

When rust appears on the outside of the tank, your water heater is near its end. That’s because repeated expansion and contraction have compromised the metal seams. Water vapor escapes and causes oxidation, and the metal rusts. Another sign of trouble is when water starts to appear rusty; a reddish discoloration means the appliance is rusting on the inside.

Not Enough Hot Water

Water not getting hot enough, or running out of hot water, are among the leading signs you need to schedule a water heater replacement in Houston. When water is cooler than it should be, it can mean heating elements aren’t working as well. Also, sediment (from hard water) may be displacing water, shifting it away from these vital components.

Over time, sediment can form a solid mass that gets larger and larger. This limits the water heater’s capacity. If the unit is more than seven years old, it’s better to replace it rather than try to replace the heating elements.

The Water Heater Is Noisy

As the minerals in sediment congregate, solids start to shift around when the tank drains and refills. This material repeatedly strikes the sides of the tank, making banging noises. By this point, there’s so much of it that draining and regular maintenance won’t solve the problem. It’s now time to replace your water heater.

Water Is Leaking from the Unit

If the leak is coming from a supply line or pressure relief valve, you won’t have to replace the water heater. However, if water pools up on the floor due to a crack in the tank or internal damage, water heater replacement is the only solution. A technician can determine the exact source of the leak.

Your Water Heater Has Been Repaired Several Times

Any more than two repairs in a year means another repair is probably on the horizon. Having your water heater last longer will only strain your budget. Investing in a new installation will reduce operating costs by avoiding additional repairs and improving energy efficiency.

When Your Heating Bills Are Too High

It takes a lot of energy to heat water. If your water heater has an efficiency problem, your heating bill can rise dramatically. A spiking bill and an aging water heater are sure clues that it’s time for water heater replacement.

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Our skilled water heater installation and repair technicians will inform you of the best options. When replacement is recommended, they’ll determine the best type and model for your home. We specialize in traditional and tankless water heaters. As a member of our Village Partner Plan, you’ll save on service and receive an annual whole-house plumbing inspection. To schedule a water heater replacement in Houston, call 713-526-1491 or request service online.

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