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It’s a Good Morning with Village Plumbing

Village Plumbing owner Monica Ryan, with Trolyn her technician Surprise Customer with Good News and a Home Visit

One morning, Village Plumbing showed up unexpectedly with the most pleasant of surprises for these wonderful customers who have been working extra jobs trying to make ends meet. Here’s what happened:
Customer: Hi!
Monica: Hello, how are you doing?  I’m Monica. Now, I own Village Plumbing, and Trolyn and Alfredo told me that you needed some work done, and that you were working extra hours to pay for it?
Customer: Yeah.
Monica: Well, what if we did it for free?
Customer: (Surprised)…that would be wonderful.
Monica: Well we’d love to help you. I always love to help people that are trying to do something.
Customer: That would be wonderful.
Monica: Ok?
Customer: I didn’t even get home until like 9:00. I always work extra hours. That would help out immensely.
Trolyn: Yeah, that day when I came out, I noticed that you said you were trying to scrape up money. I brought it to my supervisor who came up with the idea that we needed to do something for you.
Customer: I’m crying now.
Monica: It’s a good cry.
Customer: It is a good cry.


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