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How to Make Houston Water Heaters Last Longer

Once a water heater is installed, it may work fine for a decade or more without needing service. But it’s not something you want to set and forget. Neglect can lead to sudden breakdowns due to issues that routine maintenance would have resolved. Costly repairs may be necessary as well. To avoid such circumstances, here are some suggestions we have that can help Houston water heaters last longer. Test the Temperature Pressure Relief Valve The TRP valve is designed to

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Water Heater Problems You Can Fix Yourself

A water heater differs from other appliances in that, if it develops a problem, you typically notice it right away. Changes in water temperature and visible signs of trouble should never be ignored. However, you can troubleshoot and resolve some issues yourself. These are some hot water heater problems that may or may not require a professional.   There’s No Hot Water    Check whether the unit is receiving power. If not, the circuit breaker may have tripped. Go to

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Is It Wise to Hire a $50 Plumber?

Experiencing a plumbing emergency while on a budget can be a tough situation. Plumbers are notoriously expensive. But with that cost comes expertise and quality materials, not to mention nearly round-the-clock availability. So, is it a good idea to choose a $50 plumber you see advertised online? According to HomeAdvisor, plumber’s rates go from $45 to $200 per hour as of 2022, with the average cost of hiring a plumber at about $330. It may not be hard to find

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Why Is Backflow Testing So Important?

Backflow is when water flows backward in a plumbing system. This may happen due to pipe failure, an open fire hydrant, or heavy rain. While backflow prevention devices are effective at avoiding drinking water contamination and wastewater backup, they need to be periodically tested. Backflow testing should be performed regularly by a certified professional. Whether your plumbing is protected by air gaps, double check valve assemblies, pressure vacuum breaker assemblies, atmospheric vacuum breakers, or reduce pressure backflow assemblies, backflow testing

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When To Schedule Water Heater Replacement in Houston

Village Plumbing and Air is a leader in water heater services in the Houston area. We know how to repair just about any issue. But eventually, a hot water heater will reach the end of its service life. Knowing when to replace it can save you money in the long run. Here are some reasons to consider water heater replacement in Houston: The Age of the Appliance Average estimates of water heater longevity range from seven to 10 years to

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Top Signs You Need a Houston Sewer Cleaning Professional

Branch pipes from tubs, sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures and appliances in your home all lead to the sewer line. Wastewater from your home is then transported to a local water treatment facility. That’s if all is working as it should. A sewer line problem can wreak havoc in your home and be a dangerous situation. Here are the top signs it’s time to call a Houston sewer cleaning professional. Water Starts to Back Up a Drain A sink,

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How Does an AC Tune Up Service Improve Efficiency?

Modern air conditioners are designed to run efficiently and improve climate control. But without proper maintenance, they won’t do so for long. That’s why HVAC contractors provide AC tune up services, which can prevent declines in performance and system breakdowns. It’s often advertised that a tune up will reduce energy usage, lower your electric bill, and help your AC last longer. All these can save you money. But how does one service call do this? That’s because it allows an

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How Is Backflow Testing Performed?

Backflow prevention and testing must be performed at residential buildings, restaurants, and commercial businesses. Annual backflow testing is required by Houston and the state of Texas. Backflow is the reversal of contaminated water, which can then flow into clean water lines. It may contain human waste, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and other hazardous materials. You can therefore see why backflow testing is so important. A device called a backflow preventer can stop backflow in the event of a significant change in

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What to Do After a Water Main Break

As any water utility company knows, a water main break is a fact of life. Stormy weather, temperature changes, ground shifting, water pressure fluctuations, and the age of pipes can trigger water main pipe breaks. Signs of a water main break include low water pressure in your home or pooling or running of water on the street. Utilities can fix the problem in a few hours to a few days, but here’s what you can do as soon as the

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What to Do When You Have No Hot Water

A traditional water heater should last about 10 years. But at any time, you can find yourself with cold water during a shower, when cooking, or washing the dishes. Your first reaction may be to call a plumber. However, here are some tips on what to do if you have no hot water. See What Temperature the Thermostat Is Set To Someone may have accidentally set the thermostat lower. A temperature of 120℉ is usually enough for home use (any

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