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Your Winter Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Plumbing problems tend to skyrocket in the wintertime. Taking preventive measures prior to a plumbing emergency occurring can save you both time, money and the stress. Let’s go over some simple things you can do to prepare your home’s plumbing system for colder temperatures.  Comprehensive Winter Plumbing Maintenance Checklist Check for Leaks: If you notice water pressure fluctuations or leaks, it’s time to call a plumber! Plumbing issues can often be solved with some quick fixes. First, make sure that

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Village Plumbing Guide: How to Thaw a Frozen Pipe

When the temperature plummets, it’s important that you are mindful of your piping. When pipes freeze and burst it can lead to unimaginable structural damage. It may seem like common sense but knowing what signs to look out for when frost overtakes your water supply lines is helpful. Even more so, knowing how to properly thaw a frozen pipe might save you costly repairs.  Water is unique in that when it freezes, it expands, putting a great deal of pressure

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