Appliance Tips

Helpful Tips For Your Home Appliances

At Village Plumbing & Home Services we can handle all of your appliance repairs. It doesn’t matter where you bought the appliance as our Appliance Technicians are skilled in repairing and maintaining all makes and models.

The following are a few helpful tips you can do to help solve minor problems and help extend the life and performance of your appliances.


  • Always locate refrigerators away from heat sources like your stoves, ovens and windows
  • The motor and coils require airflow so never locate the refrigerator near anything that will restrict the airflow.
  • Vacuum off dust and buildup around the coils on a regular basis
  • Remove dust and debris from under the refrigerator to maintain proper airflow
  • From time to time clean the gasket around the door so it seals properly when closed



Washer is not cleaning dishes properly.

  • The water temperature must be at least 120 degrees, be careful the water at this temperature is extremely hot and will cause burns. If the water it is not hot enough, increase the hot water heater thermostat up to a higher setting
  • Refer to the owner’s manual to verify that you are using the proper loading procedures.
  • Detergents have an expiration date, make sure that it is fresh
  • The lower spray arm must be unobstructed and turning freely
  • Look for debris in the bottom of the washer
  • If unit is dead check the wall switch

Clothes Washer


If the machine is not working.

  • Refer to the Owners guide to ensure that the correct timer settings are used
  • Make sure the lid is properly closed
  • Check to see if both water faucets are open

Front Loading Washer

  • If odor is present, leave the door open to dry out machine
  • Use proper detergent as recommended by the manufacturer

Clothes Dryer

Clothes Are Not Drying Properly.

  • Check to make sure lint filter is clean
  • Inspect the discharge exhaust duct is open on the outside of the home
  • Verify that the discharge hose is not pinched off restricting the airflow
  • If completely dead check breaker

Garbage Disposal

If The Disposal Makes A Humming Sound

  • Make sure the power is off. Insert the “un-jamming” tool into the bottom of the disposal and turn clockwise. Once it turns freely, turn on the power and run the disposal.

If The Disposal Is Dead

  • Check power reset switch located on the bottom of the disposer


  • Never operate a microwave empty
  • Do not use metal cooking pans
  • Use only microwave approved cooking dishes
  • If unit is completely dead, check the circuit breaker