Emergency A/C Repair Service

When It’s Hot, Humid & Uncomfortable . . . We’re The Coolest Guys In Houston!

You’ve worked all day long, emphasis on the word long. Everything seemed to drag on, even your lunch break felt like an eternity. The entire day you’ve stared at the clock, waiting for the hour to meet the minute hand at the 5, and you’re finally on your way home.

You walk to your car and the seat feels hot enough to weld you to it. You throw the A/C on full blast as fast as possible. The wait for your car to cool down adds what feels like hours to your drive. You sit through an hour of traffic, starting and stopping often enough to keep you from getting lost in thought, and keeping forefront in your mind just how long the drive really is.

When you finally arrive at your doorstep long after hours, you step inside ready to feel the rush of cool air waft over your face. Instead, you feel a burst of hot air escape your doorframe. You’re A/C is out, and your home has renovated itself into your own personal sauna.

Emergency AC Repair Service in Houston

If you don’t know who to turn to, you can turn to the best. Village Plumbing & Home Services. One of our emergency air conditioning service technicians can be dispatched to your home immediately, even after business hours. The expert tech will quickly diagnose the problem, provide you with repair options and our Up Front pricing so that you’ll know the exact costs of repair. It doesn’t matter what type of air conditioner you have because we service and repair every make and model out there.

As a company, it’s important for us to be there for our customers. This is why we use an after-hours call service paired with on-call in-house technicians who stay ready for any and all of your air conditioning emergencies.
We’ll get you’re A/C working fast so you’ll be cool and comfortable. Before we leave, the work area will be completely cleaned up and all the debris hauled away. Not only are we the cleanest techs in town . . . we’re the coolest guys in town too!