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Excessive Humidity Issues in your Home

Take a look around your home. It may be telling you it needs a home dehumidifier system. Are there stains on ceiling and walls, mold and mildew, decaying wood, musty smell, sweating windows, on which moisture is condensing?

These are just a few within a multitude of signs that your home needs a dehumidification system. Left untreated excessive moisture can cause expensive damage that reaches far beyond simple discomfort. High humidity levels in your home can cause serious health problems as well as an excess of mold, insect population, and water damage.

Physical damage aside, excessive humidity can feel impossible to live in. Especially in Houston’s climate, your home should stay a sanctuary from the thick and heavy air outside. Letting your home fall to high humidity level can exasperate allergens and respiratory issues.

Whole House Dehumidifier Systems

When you think about dehumidifiers, you probably think of smaller, more portable units that only offer coverage to a single room. Larger dehumidifier systems typically work in conjunction with your air conditioning system, allowing them to reach every part of your home. As your air conditioning creates circulation throughout your home, the dehumidifier takes in the warm and humid air, cooling it down within the unit which causes the moisture in the air to condense into a collection pan. Some units condense that water directly into a drain.

Dehumidifiers can even help to put money back into your pocket by taking a significant amount of burden off of your air conditioning. The air in your home is much easier to cool down when it’s dry as opposed to wet. This allows your air conditioner to run more effectively, and much less frequently.

Maybe the most unexpected way that dehumidifiers can save you money is on your food bill. Keeping the air dry in your pantry or cupboard can go a long way towards keeping your perishable food items fresh. Humid air promotes mold and bacteria growth which isn’t found in more arid environments.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about any excess noise coming from a dehumidifier. These machines integrate with your air conditioning to run silently. The only way you’ll notice it’s presence is in the multitude of tangible benefits it brings into your home.

Village Plumbing & Home Services boasts a diverse roster of expert technicians, trained to handle any and all of your home air conditioning needs. Our techs can quickly and easily diagnose your home’s humidity levels in order to accurately recommend and professionally install the proper dehumidifying system to keep the humidity level in your home between the ideal 40% and 50%.

Our dehumidifiers are energy efficient, quiet running, and designed to keep humidity at levels, not just comfortable, but safe as well. Some units even have features that filter out airborne pollutants and remove household odors, extending their benefit.

Call Village Plumbing & Home Services today and your family can start enjoying a more comfortable, healthier and humidity free indoor environment.