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HVAC and Plumbing Services Company in PEARLAND, TX

HVAC and Plumbing Services Company in PEARLAND, TX


Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Heating Company in PEARLAND, TX

Village Plumbing and Air is a premier home services contractor in the Houston area. Since 1946, we have been providing high-quality service by trained, licensed plumbers and HVAC technicians. We are a woman-owned, family-run business. Integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction are the backbone of our company, whether you need A/C or furnace repair or help by our Houston area plumbers. Pearland customers can count on us during the months of high heat and humidity in Texas, and when cold air arrives in winter.

Pearland is a rapidly growing city in the Greater Houston area. In the late 19th century, it was known as a railroad town and for its figs and pears. The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad Depot still provides a glimpse into the city’s history. At Independence Park, one can enjoy basketball, tennis, a picnic, or a walk on a trail. Homeowners also depend on contractors like Village Plumbing & Air to keep their homes comfortable and functional, which our services are designed to do effectively.

Plumbing Services in Pearland

We’ve been known for plumbing in Houston for quite some time. Our technicians address issues such as slow drains, plumbing leaks, and burst pipes throughout Pearland. Specializing in the latest drain cleaning techniques, we can clear stubborn clogs and clean out mineral scale so that your sinks and faucets work properly. Do you have a running toilet, finicky garbage disposal, or clogged dishwasher? We can take care of those as well.

Whether you need plumbing repairs or installation or maintenance help, our team will get it done right. We specialize in the newest leak detection methods, including video camera inspection, which lets us quickly identify and fix the problem. Hydro jetting lets us quickly clear drains and pipes without damage. It’s just one of the many types of preventative maintenance that we do.

  • Hot Water Heaters: If hot water not lasting long is a problem, or your water heater is noisy, corroded, or damaged, call Village Plumbing & Air. We can provide any type of repair and maintain your system with a sediment flush, tune-up, or routine inspection. Our technicians are also familiar with the latest tankless water heaters, which can save space, water, and money.
  • Sewers: A sewer problem can cause drain backups. Odors, water, and waste can make it into your home, causing damage and contamination. Fortunately, we can fix sewer lines using less-invasive methods to address cracked, collapsed, or blocked pipe. Meanwhile our advanced sewer inspection services let us find any other hidden problems to resolve.

Why Pick Village Plumbing & Air in Pearland?

Our company is known locally as “The Cleanest Techs In Town”. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed from installation and repair work to respect for your property. Award-winning service, from emergency A/C repair to sewer inspection services, is available throughout the area. We also offer convenient financing plans that work for your budget and maintenance plans that include two A/C and furnace tune-ups per year and an annual plumbing inspection. Members also receive discounts on services and reduced fees.

Air Conditioning Services in Pearland

There’s almost nothing more important than keeping your home cool when it’s 90℉+ outside with high humidity. We provide 24 hour air conditioning repair in Pearland, so you can call in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or during holidays and we’ll dispatch a crew to your home. Call whenever your A/C breaks down, starts making noise, leaks, or blows warm air.

Our team is trained to fix any issue, big or small. They can service key components such as the compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, expansion valve, fan, motor, thermostat, and others. When technicians arrive at your Pearland home, they’re fully stocked with the parts and tools needed to diagnose and repair the problem on the spot. During a maintenance call, your A/C is inspected, recharged and, if necessary, fixed in one visit.

You can also trust our A/C installers for quality service. We are a Premier Lennox Dealer and install properly sized, calibrated, and energy efficient equipment that can be expected to last many years.

Heating Services in Pearland

When the temperature drops, you don’t want to be stuck in the cold. Your furnace may have been off for several months, but that doesn’t mean it’s as ready as you’d like. Our team can address corrosion, wear, and maintenance issues that can impact furnace performance. We can also find rust, burner, ventilation, and exhaust problems and not only avoid breakdowns, but the potential for fire and exposure to carbon monoxide.

Furnace maintenance is provided twice a year to our Village Partner Plan members. We’ll fully inspect your system and tune it up so it’s guaranteed to be in working order. Replacing and installing a furnace requires many considerations. When it’s time to replace your system, we’ll make sure it’s sized for your home and make any necessary updates to your electrical system, vents, ducts, or gas connection. Our goal is for you to have a long-lasting furnace you can rely on.

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Whether you have a leaky or burst pipe, need furnace maintenance, or wish to schedule an A/C tune-up near you, Village Plumbing & Air is here to help. To request service, fill out our online form, or call 713-526-1491 to schedule an appointment in Pearland.


A condenser is the equipment people most recognize as their air conditioner. It’s the large box-like unit located on the outside of your home somewhere.


There are evaporator coils (in your attic unit) and condenser coils (on your outdoor equipment) they are both essential to the function of your HVAC system and it’s good to always keep them clean. Did you know dust & dirt is the #1 killer of HVAC systems?

Air Handler or Furnace

The furnace is the heart of your heating system, and is sometimes part of the air handler. The air handler connects to your duct system and can contain filters as well as heating and cooling elements.

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