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Houston Heights, TX HVAC and Plumbing

Since 1946, Village Plumbing & Air has been helping people weather the heat and humidity in the Houston area. You can always count on our licensed, trained, and experienced professionals when you need an HVAC or plumbing technician in Houston Heights, TX. Whether you live north or south of West 19th Street, where you’ll find the Heights Theater or the First Saturday Arts Market, your home is well served by contractors prepared to meet all your installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Our team is available 24/7. If something breaks in the middle of the night, we’ll dispatch technicians immediately. Plus, we’re always looking to help you save with routine maintenance, coupons, and financing, so you can budget for the equipment and services you need. We are an award-winning, woman-owned, and family-run business focused on customer satisfaction; each job comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the equipment we install is fully warrantied. Our team works quickly to meet all your needs.

Air Conditioning Service in Houston Heights

Air conditioners consist of numerous complex mechanical components that must be properly maintained to last. Scheduling regular maintenance can reduce the chances of emergencies and needing major repairs. Changing filters, performing inspections and minor fixes, and completing tune-ups can help your system last longer and run more efficiently. As a member of our Village Partner Plan, you’ll receive two tune-ups per year and a discount on any services needed.

Our technicians can fix any air conditioning problem, big or small, and travel in fully stocked trucks. Therefore, they have the equipment and tools to address any issue when they arrive. And when it comes to installing an AC, they’re trained to address key factors such as sizing so the system is perfectly suited for your home. As a Premier Lennox Dealer, we specialize in some of the most energy efficient solutions available. We can also help with thermostat repair and installation, duct cleaning, and installing ductless AC systems.

Heating Service in Houston Heights, TX

If you live in Houston Heights, chances are you don’t think about your heater often. But when the heat and humidity break, and a winter cold snap arrives, no one wants to be without a furnace. It’s important to have your heating system serviced before it starts getting cooler outside. That way, we can address minor issues before they impact your comfort, safety, and health. Even a small furnace issue can increase the risk of fire, an explosion, or exposure to carbon monoxide. Therefore, don’t put off furnace maintenance in the fall.

Furnace installation requires properly sizing the system so it best serves your home. It will run more reliably and efficiently, helping you save over the long run. No matter how well your furnace is cared for, it will eventually need repairs. Licensed and trained, our technicians can address the causes of screeching, banging, rattling, clicking, thumping, and other loud noises, Issues such as restricted airflow, a lack of heat, uneven temperatures, and a furnace that runs continuously or cycles too frequently can be fixed as well.

Emergency Plumbing Contractor in Houston Heights, TX

Your plumbing is heavily used no matter the weather. A hard freeze can cause serious damage to pipes; we can thaw out or replace them. Throughout Houston Heights, we respond to calls by customers who need us for drain cleaning or unclogging toilets. These are common issues that we can fix quickly, often without major repairs. But if you need a water supply or drain line replaced, our repiping expertise allows us to resolve the matter quickly. We can even fix blocked, broken, or collapsed sewer lines and the causes of sewage backup and odors in your home, often with minimal digging and disruption.

If you have a water leak anywhere in your home, don’t hesitate to call—24/7. We specialize in the latest leak detection techniques and can repair fixture, appliance, pipe, and slab foundation leaks. Loose connections will be tightened and high water pressure adjusted if necessary. Other plumbing services we handle include gas line repair, water heater installation/repair/maintenance, and backflow preventer testing. We can even fix your garbage disposal and install a water filtration system.

Thermostat Replacement

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From AC and heater maintenance to leak detection, to indoor air quality testing, clients in Houston Heights, TX, can depend on Village Plumbing & Air for many services. We provide virtual service calls when possible, industry leading maintenance plans, and 24/7 service. To learn more about our services, discounts, and flexible financing or schedule an appointment, call 713-678-0483.


A condenser is the equipment people most recognize as their air conditioner. It’s the large box-like unit located on the outside of your home somewhere.


There are evaporator coils (in your attic unit) and condenser coils (on your outdoor equipment) they are both essential to the function of your HVAC system and it’s good to always keep them clean. Did you know dust & dirt is the #1 killer of HVAC systems?

Air Handler or Furnace

The furnace is the heart of your heating system, and is sometimes part of the air handler. The air handler connects to your duct system and can contain filters as well as heating and cooling elements.

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