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Plumbing and HVAC Company in Braeswood Place, TX

Plumbing and HVAC Company in Braeswood Place, TX


Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Heating Company in Braeswood Place, TX

Braeswood Place is a group of residential subdivisions in Harris County, mainly in the city of Houston. Located near the Texas Medical Center, its subdivisions include Braes Heights, Braes Oaks, and Southern Oaks. Residents here are used to long, hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Extreme temperatures put a high demand on HVAC systems while water and gas lines need to be well-maintained too. Fortunately, Village Plumbing & Air provides a full range of services in Braeswood Place to ensure the function, safety, and comfort of your home.

Why Village Plumbing & Air

An award-winning home services company in Houston, TX, we are known for high-quality service, 24-hour availability for emergencies, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a licensed plumbing and air conditioning contractor that can fix any problem and install any type of system. Our technicians are trained to provide a high level of service and respect, per the vision of our owner Monica Ryan. They are prompt, friendly, and arrive fully equipped to deal with any issue in one visit, while leaving your home clean.

Air Conditioning Services

Village Plumbing & Air is a leading air conditioning contractor in Houston, TX. We ensure you have the right A/C for your home and that it continues to run reliably and efficiently. You never want to deal with a broken air conditioner in Houston, but we’re available 24/7 to address the most minor and serious problems quickly. Our specialties include:

  • A/C Repair: If your vents are blowing warm air, or no air at all, or the temperature differs from one room to another, call our Houston A/C repair professionals. Strange noises, odors, and leaks are other signs you need emergency air conditioning repair. We use the latest tools and repair methods to fix problems fast.
  • A/C Replacement: Replacing your old A/C can improve your home’s efficiency and lower energy bills. You can count on our team to help pick the right sized system, ensure it runs properly, and that air conditioning replacement in Houston allows you to save in the long run.
  • A/C Maintenance: Regular A/C maintenance in Houston can prevent breakdowns in summer. As a member of our maintenance plan, you’ll receive two tune-ups per year, which can boost efficiency and reduce operating costs over the life of your system.

Heating Services

If you live in Braeswood Place, turning up the furnace may not be a common task. However, you don’t want to be stuck with a broken down heater when you turn it on for the season, or just for a few days. Furnaces are hard-working appliances and need regular care, but you can count on us for:

  • Furnace Repair: If you’re getting little or no heat, your furnace is making loud noise, or is turning on and off too frequently, it’s time to have it looked at. Corrosion, damage, or a pilot light, gas connection, or ventilation problem can increase the risk of fire or carbon monoxide exposure.
  • Furnace Replacement: Most homeowners don’t think of furnace replacement as a more affordable solution. However, the cost of frequent repairs and reduced efficiency can be higher than installing a new furnace that’s more efficient, especially over time.
  • Furnace Maintenance: When you join our Village Partner Plan, you’ll receive biannual maintenance and tune-ups. Professional service can prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs, while enabling your heating and overall HVAC system to last longer.

Plumbing Services

Your home’s plumbing carries all the water that reaches your pipes and fixtures and that goes to the municipal sewer line or septic system. Pipes, toilets, sinks, showers, and appliances like dishwashers work hard. They’re also susceptible to wear and tear, corrosion, and water pressure. We can address plumbing issues from minor leaks and clogged drains to burst pipes and ruptured gas lines, as well as specialize in:

  • Drain Cleaning: Nearly everyone experiences a slow or clogged drain at one time or another. We provide permanent solutions that remove grime to prevent more buildup. If multiple drains are backed up, are making noise, or smell, we’ll find the underlying problem and fix it.
  • Sewer Repair: Clogged or damaged sewer lines can affect your entire home. We use video cameras to find the source and nature of the problem, and hydro jetting to address any type of blockage, including tree roots. We can non-invasively fix cracked, separated, or collapsed sewer pipes as well.
  • Hot Water Heaters: Sediment, hard water, and corrosion can reduce a water heater’s performance and eventually cause it to fail. We provide water heater flushes and other routine maintenance and repairs. When replacing the system, we’ll find a more efficient one or install a compact tankless water heater.
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Our team is proud to serve Braeswood Place with high-quality air conditioning, heating, and plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance. Known for award-winning service, we are also committed to helping customers save via coupons and discounts. Competitive financing is available to help you budget for much-needed equipment care. To learn more or request service, contact us online or call 713-526-1491 today.


A condenser is the equipment people most recognize as their air conditioner. It’s the large box-like unit located on the outside of your home somewhere.


There are evaporator coils (in your attic unit) and condenser coils (on your outdoor equipment) they are both essential to the function of your HVAC system and it’s good to always keep them clean. Did you know dust & dirt is the #1 killer of HVAC systems?

Air Handler or Furnace

The furnace is the heart of your heating system, and is sometimes part of the air handler. The air handler connects to your duct system and can contain filters as well as heating and cooling elements.

Major home repairs not in the budget? We offer different financing options for unique situations. You can even get approved before we arrive!
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